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Re: Gay males not into anal sex...

I always had a "problem" when anal sex comes up.
I will not do anal sex period!
I think it is disgusting to insert a penis into a hole designed for excreting human waste.
I also noticed many guys appear to be in pain, and not pleasure. (from watching porn)
What bothers me the most is I feel as I am "not gay enough", from some people, or I get an attitude of not measuring up to other's standards.
I even heard from a few that they would force me into this, saying once you try it you'll love it. The fact is NO I WON'T!!!
Why is that?
There are many aspects of homosexuals, some are into women's clothing, others like leather, some have fetishes, and the list goes on.
I love sucking cock, I just don't care for the poop chute. My butt is exit only, is that so difficult to accept?
I want respect just like any other person mentioned in this rant.
After all respect is a two way street.

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