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Re: Body Hair?

Funny thing, I was thinking of making a thread on this subject myself.

I'm a bear irl myself, and I love hairy men.. but to a certain degree.

Men who are excessively hairy, like having thick layers of hair over the chest and back and legs, isn't that appealing to me, because it gets on my tounge when theres to much.

Also, and what I was going to discuss, I have a strange aversion to armpit hair. I mean its fine if its a less amount, but if a man lifts his arms and has a thick bush under there, it really turns me off, likewise with then making a really thick bush around there crotch.

So hairy is alright to me, as long as they are no apes, and don't have excessive hair underarm or around there crotch, like if its all the same level of hair all over
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