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Re: The "Making Friends" Thread

I'm too old to make new friends...I've locked in my group and it's unlikely to change.

On this site, however, I suppose I'm open to anything. I'm already out of my comfort zone posting here, but then again, my comfort zone is profoundly limited.

CROSSY ROAD, I see you're from Nevada, that's something we have in common. I don't come across many Nevadans on the internet in general.

Anyway, to those who are interested:

My name is Miles, I'm a 25-year-old graduate student from northern Nevada, I'm Hispanic, I study philosophy and English literature, I am deeply interested in religion, ethics, religious history, language history, and current social issues. I'm a frequent debater and player of devil's advocate. I'm socially inept, but I do enjoy a good party with close friends. I feel especially at home out in nature and use every opportunity I can to get outside.

Those are some preliminaries, I'll stop it there before I scare anyone off
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