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Re: The "Making Friends" Thread

Originally Posted by loepis View Post
Originally Posted by pd04 View Post

Psychology is amazing! I'm going to school to be a criminal psychologist.
Wow! Criminal psychologist? Is it similar to a profiler or BAU?

Hey, everyone! I am Lisa, will turn 32 next year.
I used to watch anime in my school days, but now, not really. I still watch TV shows regularly from comedies (Frasier, Black-ish, Modern Family) to sci-fi (Black Mirror) to police procedural (Criminal Minds, Mentalist).
Hi Lisa! I love Frasier! Definitely one of my favorite shows. Modern Family is great as well.
To answer your question, TBH I'm not sure haha. As far as I know the difference is that the BAU helps out with crimes that are on a time crunch or of high status and a profiler studies a criminals behavior for clues to capture them. While a criminal psychologist studies every part of a criminal to know why they do what they do.
I'm not very far along, only like 3 years in that field so far. I am taking a break from that to become a certified fitness trainer.

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Right now I'm reading a book called "Uninvited" it's not really my style because it's pretty religious but someone got it for me and I heard it was good so why not.
What are you reading right now?
I'm reading "After Me Comes The Flood", I'm only a couple of chapters in but enjoying it so far. It's quite Gothic, which is a genre I don't read very often.

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Originally Posted by AnAtypicalGuy View Post

That makes sense, yoga is pretty slow and it really soothes emotions and tension. I tried yoga a few times, and I remember how nice it felt to be in such a peaceful state of mind. Having said that, I couldn't get myself to stay calm enough to keep doing all those slow movements, not without an end goal... I'm not trying it again. As for running, I totally get that. I would feel weird running into someone that I knew in person. When I run I feel like everybody knows me even if most of them don't, it's weird. Also I find that running lacks variation, so I get quite impatient when doing it. I suppose running could help to clear my mind and organise my thoughts... But so does kickboxing haha. And don't even get me started on zumba. Just no.

She really is skilled. I'm listening to her music right now, and I love how she is able to combine her violin playing with all kinds of music, from soundtrack to hip hop to dubstep. It's fantastic.
That's fair enough, it's not for everyone. Zumba is supposed to be fun, or so I've heard, but I'm so bad at it that it just makes me miserable haha.

Yeah the variation is incredible- I've just seen that she put a new album out this year *runs to listen to it*
I don't read that genre often either, perhaps I'll read it this year.

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Originally Posted by tornwings View Post
Once again, thank you all for being so kind !
Creativemind- Definitely! Fantasy and sci-fi are actually my two favorite genres to write about. What about you? And I'm glad I found another psychology nerd!
AnAtypicalGuy- Yeah, there do seem to be a lot of writers here ! I wonder why that is. And I love to write about anything involving fantasy or magic. It's such an escape from how boring life can be. I am about a quarter through the Attack on Titan manga (it's reaaallllyyy long though), and it's so intense already!! I'm interested to see how things could take a twist even further. Who's your favorite character so far?
AuroraBorealis- That's awesome!! We may as well be the same person. What area of psychology are you interested in?
Kaden216- I haven't read the Naruto manga yet, but my sister has and she says it's awesome! I will have to start reading soon. What sort of websites do you create? And I'd say that really any expression of yourself counts as art, it doesn't have to be any of ways I mentioned--there are so many more forms art can take .
pd04- That's SO COOL!!! You know, my brother's girlfriend is actually in school to be a criminal psychologist too, and she says that even the training is really interesting. Any other areas of psychology you're interested in ?
Yeah, it is really fascinating! I love every area of psychology, it was hard for me to choose which field I wanted to go into with it. People are just so interesting!
It's going to be a while, though, because I'm currently taking a break from school to become a certified fitness trainer.

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Originally Posted by JustAZebra View Post
*Makes Friends*
Hi friend!

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Originally Posted by JustAZebra View Post
*Makes Friends*
Hi friend!
I just want love and happiness.
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