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Re: I want to break free

Originally Posted by angeluscrzy View Post
I can relate to this, as I always feel quite broken. Without friends or anyone to really be out to, I live in my own head alot. I watch videos of 30 Seconds to Mars or Pearl Jam and just drift off in thoughts of how I want a guy like that. All these steps to take and too afraid/ not knowing exactly how I'm gonna reach that future that I truly desire.
hugs angeluscrazy. What steps do you feel are next for you? What would you want to do to move forward?[COLOR="Silver"]

For me, pretty much anything would be a good step forward. I work 70 hour weeks, and the times I'm not working open close, I have my girls. Trying to quit drinking now as I've begun to see just how much I'm trying to numb myself to the tings I feel suck in my life.
I did actually hook up with a guy one night, but it did nothing for me. Of course the fact that I was drinking, and I felt nothing for this person probably had a lot to do with it.
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