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Re: Body Hair?

Originally Posted by China View Post
So lately, I've really been wondering, how do guys feel about dating a guy with body hair? I'm not to fond of it, and I was wondering; do other guys dislike it(Like butt hair for example.)? Should I shave, or would I be fine and be able to find a Boyfriend?
I see that this is an old thread but such topic is so interesting that I can't not to add here a response! I agree with some other responses here, it's really a prsonal choice for everyone and all that discussions about this "problem" mostly among teens are influenced mainly with fashion I don't think that everyone should shave the whole body only because of some fashion trends...
Personally I like body hair both for men and women and I don't see anything "scary" in it Also I adore the guys with beards, especially the full ones like on these examples from StyleMann, they look so cool and sexy for me These ones are my favourite for example

But of course such things aren't the most important for me in my lover!
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