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Sorry if there was an older thread for this, I couldn't find it.

How many tattoos do you have? What are they of? Do they have meaning? If you don't have tattoos are you planning to get some?

I have three tattoos so far. One is a green bow tie. It was the first one I got right when I turned 18. In highschool I dealt with self harm and worse depression and I used to draw the bow tie on my wrist everyday instead of hurting myself. So I got it on my upper arm as a reminder that I made it through the pain.
My second tattoo is a tribute to Naughty Dog [a video game company]. It has a quote from Jak 2 ["For every age there is a time of trial"] written in the precursor language from those games, and symbols of their other IP's [The mask from Crash Bandicoot, Nathan Drake's ring from Uncharted, and Joels broken watch from The Last of Us]
And my Third Tattoo is a thin lined celtic style cross on my forearm. I'm not religious anymore but I still feel strongly about the message of giving to others and being a light to them. It's also a reminder of my grandmother who passed away.

I plan to get more. I love the feeling of getting a tattoo. I'm planning to get a geometric style lion head on my other arm, along with maybe the symbols of the Platonic Solids. Work-in-progress.
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