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Re: Definitely into guys, but I'm a bit confused about girls (talks about sex stuff t

Thanks for your responses, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who worries about that, and thanks for your advice!

Originally Posted by EpicConfusion View Post
I feel sort of similar. I'm attracted to guys and I have no interest in being the active partner, but I'm unsure of how I feel about women sexually. I'd like to possibly experiment someday, but like I said I have no interest in being the person doing the penetration.

Just curious, theoretically how do you feel about the thought of having sex with a woman wearing a strap-on?
Uh. I don't know? Never really thought about it. First thought that comes to my mind is something like, "kinda really hot, but also kinda not really what I want."

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(The above) Like something I could think about, but something where I'd rather run away if it were real.
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