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Re: Tattoos

I have four tattoos, and would reeeaaaalllllly love more, but my parents are opposed to tattoos, and they threatened to kick me out with the second to last one, and I cannot afford to be kicked out. They seem to be ok with my last one, a semicolon (suicide/depression/self-harm awareness).

All my tattoos have a special meaning to me.

The faith, love, hope tattoo (which many mistake for a nautical tattoo) is my promise to myself to not self-harm again, hence its placement on my arm - where I see it every day. Had it done on January 18th 2015.

The galloping horse on my left shoulder blade is obviously because of my love for horses. Had it done on my birthday in 2010.

The one on my ankle was actually a cover-up of a Chinese "dragon" symbol (Which is my Chinese astrology sign). I thought it was super cute, and I don't regret getting it done. Was done on August 20th 2016, touched up on October 5th and again on November 25th, which was also when I got my semicolon tattoo.

My next (big) tattoo that I want to have done is a Chinese dragon on my left arm, but it'll be a custom piece, as I want to incorporate hibiscus flowers into it to make it look a bit less butch. I know this sounds weird coming from a 28 year old, but I want to first get my parents' approval before I have it done. They will probably freak out about it, not because of WHAT I'm getting, but BECAUSE I'm thinking of getting it after knowing damn well how they feel about tattoos (They brought religion into it: "God created our bodies perfectly, we shouldn't ruin it by tattooing stuff onto it, no matter what your reasons are"). So yeah, wish me luck for convincing them after that comment, lol.

Here's the dragon I was thinking of getting customised

Going to cost a ton of money, so will have to save up whilst gently convincing my parents, lol...
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