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Re: I think I might be bigender

Originally Posted by Irisviel View Post
you are taking your advice from a tumblr blog for a life changing matter. That's quite irresponsible, especially that this comic is simply not about a real thing. You need to realize you are taking for granted a set of beliefs about gender that have never been proved to be anything but a gender constructionist invention.
To be fair, they're also taking advice from the opinions of random people on the internet such as you and I. But I think personal life experience can speak for itself in many cases. For example, I went many years treating depression and anxiety that I didn't have medically diagnosed through the experiences of others who had it, as well as self healing techniques that did work and when I presented them to a therapist they commended me for taking my healing into my own hands. In my eyes, if something can potentially heal or help the mind or body, then it by all means should be at the very least considered.
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