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Re: I think I might be bigender

Originally Posted by Casey221B View Post
Originally Posted by Esteban View Post
How did you figure out that maybe you can be bigender? Because I do not know how to identify the differences between the bigender and genderfluid ... and this confuses me a lot (beyond the lack of information about this subject in my native language), and sometimes I feel alone and "out of the water" because I can not be sure of what I am ...

It may be "just a phase" as my mother speaks
Okay, I'm not really sure how I went about doing it. But at least for me, I feel genderqueer most of the time, but I feel transmasculine for small amounts, but it's kind of like a gender add on instead of a gender change, if that makes sense.

In general I've heard people say genderfluid is like going back and forth between a few different points and bigender is just two points. Plus, not all bigender people's genders change.

Good luck figuring things out!
Ok... Thanks
i kinda understand what you want to say... but it's not my case... right now i'm the "male side" but tomorow maybe i cant not be... sometimes i have that "gender dysphoria", but i don't feel like changing my biological gender yet... It's too early for me confirm this.
Thanks for the help!
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