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Re: I think I might be bigender

Originally Posted by Casey221B View Post
So for a while, Iíve been feeling like I might be genderfluid. But, it didnít feel right. I kind of feel genderqueer most of the time, and sometimes transmasculine.

Anyways, I found a comic on tumblr about what being bigender is like, and I feel like I might be bigender. For example, the comic said something about your genders being affected by different mindsets and I definitely feel like I have different gender mindsets.

Whenever Iíve thought Iím a gender, I havenít really had a mind blowing eureka moment about it, but I guess reading the bigender comic was closer to a eureka moment than demigirl or androgyne.
I have nothing to say constructive, sorry. But because you obviously know what they mean, can you explain all of those terms to me? The gender orientation terms. I'm a 90's kid who only just found out she was gay a few months ago. Back during my teen years in school just coming out as gay or bi was a big thing - we didn't have all these gender terms. I really don't understand them, and I'd like to learn more about it. I didn't realize there was more than just 'trans' with the gender thing till i joined up here.
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