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Re: The "Making Friends" Thread

Hi I'm mourning dove! I guess this will be my first post so here goes...

I love birds, (if you can't tell by the name) video games, especially those that involve strategy like LoL and total war, though I'm bad at both. I love music especially ska (streetlight manifest, the special ect) mod (the Who, the Jam, small faces) and a variety of punk ( the Clash, Cock Sparrer, BTMI). I'm obsessed with the ancient world, especially Rome, so much so that I'm learning latin. I'm a republican... haha just kidding, I'm just about the complete opposite, I'm a marxist. I plan on either becoming an ornithologist or somthing else idk I got another year of high school left

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Originally Posted by AlmightyFrogCAT View Post
Howdy howdy howdy! I am the ALMIGHTYFROGCAT! but you can call me FrogCAT, or Sydney, or Syd, whatever floats your goat homeslice. I like me some Anime(especially RWBY), Punk Rock(Bad Religion, etc.), Ska(Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, etc.), Computers(almost done with a new build actually), as well as anything DC or Marvel comics related, also, I'm a blue lantern and a grey Jedi.
Omg someone else who listens to ska! Irl and on the internet I can count almost everyone I met who listens to ska on one hand. Reel big fish was th first concert I ever went to. Are you into the older stuff too, like the special or madness? I sorta stayed In a very narrow lane when it came to ska because between 1983 to the late 90´s there were a lot of cheesy bands out there, but ever ska fan can count on good´ol Streetlight manifest to be freaking amazing.
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