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Re: Is "Are you a boy or a girl?" really about genitals?

Originally Posted by darkcomesoon View Post
Yeah, I don't think it's about genitals at all. It's generally just curiosity about your social role. The only real issue is when they say, "but what gender are you really?" or "what gender were you born as?" because basically either a) "what's in your pants?" or b) "can you tell me the details of your personal history because I feel entitled to know if you're trans or not" and those are both unpleasant.
I agree with Jesse.

I think it largely depends on who is asking, and what the context is. If someone asked I'd take it as an opportunity to tell them, "I'm a boy and my name is Alec. What is your name?" It is always better, I think, to respond politely to people. Respect is a two-way street. If someone persists with invasive questions or is being rude, I would leave the conversation. Most of the time though, strangers are well-meaning and, albeit curious, fairly peaceful. I think it would be rather absurd for a complete stranger to disagree with someone's answer to the question.
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