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Re: I think I might be bigender

Originally Posted by Chip View Post
To be fair, the various genders described above aren't rooted in anything recognized by anyone credible. They are used terms among a small group but are not widely accepted.

It's important in any dicsussion of gender that we realize that gender is a social construct. It is different than biological sex, which is typically defined by sex organs.

Things get complicated with trans people, as these are situations where body doesn't match mind and self-perception. For most of the rest, they fit pretty neatly into one of the two widely recognized genders.

I do strongly suggest avoiding Tumblr or any of the obscure websites that focus on this stuff if you're looking for reliable information based on more than a handful of people's belief-of-the-week. Do some serious scholarly reading on gender and gender philosophy and gain some understanding from those who have been looking at this for decades and done some pretty good study of the sociology behind gender studies. That's where you're most likely to come up with good information on which to base your understanding.
I get what you're saying, but I do think Tumblr and other websites can be useful to find information. Especially for me, since I find scholarly things to be pretty dull.
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