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Re: Calling All Writers!


My original plan was to do it as a 75 page script in one go; but I've decided to do a test to see if I'd have an easier time writing it as a full length story, and then translate it into a script. The story is pushing 30 pages, and the script is maybe 20 something--which isn't too shabby for something I've been working on almost full time since last month.

With a few film festivals happening in my area, I condensed part of the first act into a 16 page script, which I hope will get the "Saw" treatment; where James Wan originally filmed Saw as a ten minute short film, and eventually made it into the beast it's known for after gaining more support and interest. Since I plan on staying in the indie scene, I can only hope it gets enough attention from the underground scene so I can get everything off the ground.

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