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Re: Calling All Writers!

Originally Posted by AndPeggy View Post
I've been toying with a story for almost two years now, about two high school girls falling in love despite their social boundaries and their past bitterness against each other. I really want to write it but I'm not sure how to really end it, the story just kinda goes on and on for me. There's a lot of details I want to include in it (pretty much every main character in the story is LGBT so there's a lot of side plots that I want to add in) but it's so much that it just goes on forever xD I know I will write it someday but it's so hard to start because I can't figure out a good beginning and ending for it
Maybe try writing an outline...just sentences describing certain scenes. A lot of famous authors did stuff like that to help them keep track of the plot of a novel. It can also be altered...heck, you could even make multiple ones to see what version you like best.

Just and idea.

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