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Re: Calling All Writers!

Originally Posted by Sebby45 View Post
Originally Posted by Lazuri View Post
I've been writing loose scenes from several projects lately and I'm considering posting a steamy romance scene from one of them here.

It's a little experimental for me, because it's the only thing I have ever written from the first person perspective, as I normally find the perspective to be restricting.

This story in particular follows a soldier in the army of a fictional country in a fictional world and her experiences with her regiment's captain. The Captain is a strange woman, granted immense strength simply through progeny, who is vicious, bloodthristy and merciless as she revels on the battlefield; and yet she treats the subordinates of her regiment with a lot of care and empathy.

The main character, Kaya, is torn between these two sides of the woman that controls her life.
Sounds like your characters are quite developed. I like the idea of the main character trying to reconcile her feelings about someone so "split" shall I say? It would be interesting to read an excerpt, if you feel comfortable with that!
Characters are my forte. I tend to come up with characters and have their interactions and motivations write the story.

I'll post the scene I'm writing here, but it'd be, um... Rather NSFW.

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