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Re: Dating

Originally Posted by Rms Mongrel View Post
I feel the same way. Im about as terrible looking as a 22 year old can be, Not to mention Im aspergers and adhd, which basically means im crazy.

Its a nearly impossible combination to live with, let alone the other mental baggage i carry.

Ive basically given up on having ordinary friends, let alone dating.
I feel you on that one. I have depression and anxiety so I have a lot of mental baggage too along with my severly low self esteem.

Life is different for us, for some it is an isolating experience and for some it is bliss

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Originally Posted by KnucklesNation View Post
In my experience, I've found that the best things happen when you least expect them.
I found that to be not very true, not in my experience anyway. I have found that good things are rare and don't happen to all.
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