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Re: Calling All Writers!

Originally Posted by Lazuri View Post
Though what I'm currently writing on is about a 175-year old immortal woman who works as a private investigator in London and deals with various occult threats. The story follows the daily life of her and her secretary.
Originally Posted by Lazuri View Post
This story in particular follows a soldier in the army of a fictional country in a fictional world and her experiences with her regiment's captain. The Captain is a strange woman, granted immense strength simply through progeny, who is vicious, bloodthristy and merciless as she revels on the battlefield; and yet she treats the subordinates of her regiment with a lot of care and empathy.

The main character, Kaya, is torn between these two sides of the woman that controls her life.
These both sound really cool! Have you got any plans for putting them on the internet, or getting them published?

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