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Re: Calling All Writers!

I wrote some poetry recently, but can onley remember one Poem:

Queen of the skys, above and below,
All for naught, for they call me king.

This is my best peice of writing, but i'm planning an epic, about aliens invading an earthlike planet during it's industrial revolution, winning in about 6-12 months, and the experience of the "prince" of one of the kingdoms, who is scretly transgender, and, in the end of the second story arc, escapes the planet at the end of the war aboard the first interstellar spaceship created be humins, and then about the rebellion back on the planet. With the help of some highly advanced ailiens, she makes the rebellion succeede and it continues into intergalactic warfare.
Queen of the skies, above and below;
All for naught, for they call me king.
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