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Re: Update on my friend

Originally Posted by OnTheHighway View Post
I do have a philosophy about life and it is a bit of a cliche - things do happen for a reason. You and your friend crossed paths in this manner so you both have more life experience. For him, maybe it was an awakening and time for him to start to think about his own identity. For you, it is a better understanding of human nature which goes to evolving your own maturity and outlook on life helping you better understand what is important to you.

What you did get our of this last exchange with him was closure. You realize a relationship out side of friends will not work. Now go and focus on being friends and leave behind what can not be. You can now move forward without confusion.
You are right however, accepting that we can't be together is not a phase I have reached yet. My mind just refuses to let go of the hope. Although I wish I didn't, I still believe there is a reason to hope.
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