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Re: Update on my friend

Originally Posted by Dutchboy20 View Post
You are right however, accepting that we can't be together is not a phase I have reached yet. My mind just refuses to let go of the hope. Although I wish I didn't, I still believe there is a reason to hope.
I would argue that it's really your heart that refuses to let go of the hope, not your mind.

That's the difference between the heart and the mind. You've been going through this with a very clear head, but as you've seen sometimes your heart leads the way, despite what your mind tells is might be 'right' or the best thing.

You've done a ton of growing up in these last few months and, as OTH indicated, you're learning some very valuable life lessons. Plus he seems to be a good friend and wants to remain friends even after you told him about your feelings for him. Gaining a good friend like that is always a positive thing, even if you don't get the most desirable outcome that you were seeking.

The really good news is that you WILL come through this just fine, even if things really suck at the moment...

Stay strong, my friend.
Reality is what you make of it. It isn't inherently good or bad. Only you can make your reality better (or worse) for yourself through your actions and your attitude.
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