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Anyone else find it hard to hide/fake emotions?

Personally, I have never been good at hiding my emotions- I don't really have a "poker face", so if I'm upset then people know, ect.

I've never mastered the ability to look a certain way on demand (especially when it comes to being in a picture, if someone asks me to smile and I'm not feeling it, than I find it hard to smile, and if I try to smile but don't feel like smiling than it tends to end up looking rather..creepy).

It can annoy people sometimes because when I'm expected to act a certain way, (such as shocked to news I already knew, caring about a situation I don't care about, or happy when I'm not) I'm usually bad at it and people think I'm trying to be difficult. Truth is, I'm just bad at acting.

Anybody else find it hard to hide their emotions?
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