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Re: Anyone else find it hard to hide/fake emotions?

Originally Posted by Secrets5 View Post
I have to ''zone out'' of the situation and think of a different situation that pertains to the emotion for me.
Yeah, I've tried this method before, but I find that for me it doesn't last very long and how I actually feel becomes obvious to others.

Originally Posted by Kodo View Post
I'm not one to be effusively emotional so my face is almost always stoic. Because of this I've been told, upon first meeting, I come across as arrogant or cold. Whenever I'm required to smile (e.g. pictures or at work) it feels very awkward and unnatural.
I find smiling in photos to feel awkward and unnatural too, whenever I try and take a photo I have to take it quite a few times because usually I tend to look really sad or bored, so often I’ll take a photo until it finally looks like I’m happy. Even then I get “why don’t you smile more in photos?”, quite a bit, ugh. I tried dammit.
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