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Trying to figure out my sexuality can someone help

I'm 15 and I don't know what my sexuality is and I want to know. I have had three crushes in my life and all of them were on girls (I am a girl) but I only recently started thinking about why and what does it mean but I just don't know whether it makes me bi, gay, or pan. I'm pretty sure I'm not straight but I want to know what I am. The reason I don't know is that I have had crushes only on girls but I don't think that I would be incapable of liking a boy. I like boys as friends but I've never felt the same way as with some girls. I'm also worried about how my family and friends are going to react if I tell them but I also really want to tell them and know for myself what my orientation is. I'm also not sure whether I should tell my crush because she is also my friend and I don't want to ruin that but on the other hand I think she is more likely to be gay than any of my other crushes and I really like her and I want to know if she likes me. Can someone please help me.
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