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Re: Trying to figure out my sexuality can someone help

Hey Jedi,

I'm happy if I can help at all.

I would tell you that your description of 'boy' friends is much like I've heard from gay guys about their 'girl' friends. It's about admiration and platonic love, but no romantic or sexual attractions. Nothing wrong with that. "All" you have to do is recognize your personal romantic and sexual attractions.

In terms of telling your crush, that's a much deeper issue. First you would have to Come Out to her as Bi or Gay (lesbian). Then you would have to tell her about your crush. Do you trust her to keep your confidence (i.e. not tell ANYONE else about the personal and private information that you admit to her)? For you to get over her, it may be a good course of action to Come Out to her. Then, depending on her reaction to that (hopefully supportive), admitting your crush on her. Since she seems unlikely to return your romantic feelings - based on what you have written - that at least gives you a startpoint for closure in accepting that she doesn't feel the same way and getting over her in the longrun.

Just my thoughts.
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