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Re: Would you rather have been born cis or accepted as trans?

Yeah if you're driven to transition then it is better to not have to go through it, definitely. If you don't care for it, being trans becomes more of a "thing that just is". For me it's as if you asked me if I would have preferred to have been born and raised in different circumstances, such as place geographically speaking, time, in a different town/city, in a different economical position, be native of a different language, be raised in a different mindset, religion, in a different family, have different mental qualities /possibilities... gender is just like everything else. Man, i don't know that and I have no possiblity to know or way to judge that. Maybe life would be easier if I didn't have to bother? But I can't judge what is right or wrong here, and it has given me insight I wouldn't have gained otherwise. Also everyone has some struggles... I just don't believe that if they rolled the dice once again and poof I'm born as someone else, that would be a better or worse life, just different... with a different set of problems.
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