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Re: Will I ever lose my virginity?

As silverhalo said, there is someone out there for you. Like both of you, I'm also below average looks-wise and have social anxiety, am a shy, quiet introvert who'd much rather spend time surrounded by animals than people. Yet I've had a few boyfriends, two girlfriends and have a handful of close friends. I don't trust people easily or let them into my friendship circle easily, but the ones I have as friends, really mean the world to me. I can be myself around them. So there's hope for you too. You shouldn't keep bringing yourself down. You are worthy of friendship, and eventually, love. You just have to keep telling yourself that and soon you will not only believe it, but also live it. Chin up, you're not alone, and you won't be alone forever. Just keep on motivating yourself. I wish you all the best in building up your confidence in yourself!

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