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Re: Will I ever lose my virginity?

Originally Posted by silverhalo View Post
Hey you will get there you just need to find your equal. I am below average and have anxiety etc but I have a girlfriend, there is someone out there for you try not to get disheartened.
Finding my equal is what I'm worried about. I don't really know what girls are into me, but a lot of the guys that are into me are shutin guys who don't have much interests beyond stereotypically geeky things. I'm worried this says something bad about who's my equal. I'm vaguely geeky, but I don't have much stereotypically geeky interests. I'm also pretty spiritual, but most of those guys are hardcore skeptics and atheists. I don't know if they thought we were at the same level or something? We barely have anything in common. I guess my geeky writing style and way of talking is killing my chances of finding someone.
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