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A closeted transwoman waves from California

Hi ... everyone. A kinda shy introduction from someone who's been battling gender identity issues forever and now, at the ripe old age of (cough) .. A-Lotta-Years, I'm just starting to reveal my closeted "real me" to the rest of the world. Starting is the key word here and I suppose I should add, starting SLOWLY.

At this point in my existence, I simply must, must, must become my authentic self. Among my many personality strengths (and OK, challenges), I really AM a vibrant woman who loves the attention of men. This is a fact known by a large number of men I've covertly, er, befriended, over the years and who all know me as a somewhat frisky person named Janine. It's also a fact that my str8 world knows nothing about, and that, sadly, my gay world often finds either incomprehensible or even somewhat distasteful. (the sad and horrid occasional realities of str8 trans-phobia and of gay misogyny)

well, I'm here, now. And I hope to learn from my interactions with lots of others here!

lurid-red-lipsticked-kisses-from-the-person-in-the-strappy-top-in-berkeley, California!!! - Janine

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