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Re: Songs with Transgender themes?

Originally Posted by LunarLyric View Post
Mulan's "Reflection" from the Disney movie. I was just idly buying kids songs on itunes from kids movies the other day, and one of them was Mulan's "Reflection". It didn't hit me until i listened to it, but when it did it really hit me. I know its not supposed to be about trans kids, but even as a bigender/genderfluid person i relate to it to the point it had me emotional. And i don't get emotional easy. DAMNIT i see that someone above already suggested it. Oh well.
Maybe that should have been a sign to me when I was younger about being trans, Mulan was always my favorite movie and Disney Princess. I think part of that was all the "gender bending" the movie did.
Symphogear and Digimon are my favorite Anime.

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