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Re: Will I ever lose my virginity?

Originally Posted by silverhalo View Post
I'm not saying the girls won't be like the guys but I just think you are overthinking it. You said they didn't have anything in common with them therefor they aren't the people for you, I'm not saying your ideal partner has to be exactly like you but it's good to have some things in common.
What makes it hurt is that I like to think my geeky traits are hidden during first impressions or at least subtle and in the background. I can get a bit geeky about some things, but it's generally non-stereotypical stuff like art or makeup. Even the more stereotypically geeky things tend to be more on the obscure or random stuff. So I'm not into stuff like comics, hardcore gaming, cosplaying, marvel etc. So I feel like they're zeroing in on a side of me I just don't want to emphasize. I'd rather be with someone who's more diverse.
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