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Old 27th Sep 2015, 02:46 PM   #1
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Enjoying the idea of Male genitals?

Uh this is going to get strange but stick with me please. I've never wanted male genitals all i have ever wanted was a chest not male or female just flat, problem is recently i started wanting to put something between my pants to look like i have male genitals i still don't want male genitals i even dislike male genitals, but i enjoyed the thought of the way it looks on me, i enjoy the masculine thought of having something there and inside my mind it makes me think i'm strong. I'm not even sure why i'm doing this as my own genitals are female and i never liked or disliked them and still feel the same way so me doing this is like taking a step back and questioning myself and what i'm doing but i can't find the entire reason as to why i'm doing it i just have a idea and what i'm saying here is my only idea i have at the moment. Has anyone else done this? When and why? Also do you have any idea what i'm doing i'm confused and freaked out i don't know why im doing things like this anymore. Oh and i'm not attracted to men so it's not a weird fetish either! i know for sure i don't feel like that just to clear that up.
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Old 27th Sep 2015, 06:03 PM   #2
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Gender: Male (trans*)
Orientation: Questioning
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Re: Enjoying the idea of Male genitals?

Perhaps you may want to try packing?

I would think that this is just something to do with your male identity, don't worry too much and give it some time to see if the feeling persists. I'm sure many of us have been in a similar confused state.
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Old 27th Sep 2015, 07:52 PM   #3
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Gender: Queer
Orientation: Fluid
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Re: Enjoying the idea of Male genitals?

My advice is to realize that you don't have to have all the answers right now. Accept how you feel without judgment, without trying to label things, and without trying to figure out what it all means.

Just be ok with it. Be ok with yourself. If you want to try packing, go ahead and try it out. If it feels good go with it. If it doesn't, stop.

Just be you. And love you.
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Old 27th Sep 2015, 08:49 PM   #4
Hey man, we're artists
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Re: Enjoying the idea of Male genitals?

What blurry said. Have you tried packing?

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