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Too good for you

So , I'm basically a bum : half junky, I drink alot and am a student in photogrpahy.
This guy met me at my job ; he's an engineer and lieks ballet. he invited me twice to ballet shows to volonteer so far. Still, I can't figure out if he's gay or not.
He invited me to go at his friend's house to watch a movie.

Even if he is, I doubt I'll be enough for him but w/e How do you know if someone is gay or not?

And do you think education is important in a relationship ?
Like, I'm smart, I'm just not college doctor smart. But I got lot of culture and can stand my own in a discussion

Is being less educated than someone an obstacle to be with him ?
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Old 21st Apr 2017, 06:14 AM   #2
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Re: Too good for you

As long as you guys have the same amount of wit and work well together, I don't see why education should be a problem. Plenty of doctors are stupid. Plenty of dropouts are talented. There might be an economic struggle with having such different education levels, but if the guy is worth it, you two will find a way to make things work
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Re: Too good for you

I know that not being educated doesn't mean I'm dumb, but I got that fear that he only invited me to laugh at me ( kinda like in a Dinner of Fools ) So I'm very scared.

And I can't see what a 30 year old engineer find to a 20 year old "artist" to be interested in me. I was fine with going to ballet with only him, but going to meet his friends when there's nothing really between us is way more stressful. If we were together, it'd fine, but it seems we are always flirting but not completely so we'Re nothing and neither of us can say if the other is gay.
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