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Grieving my body

I feel pretty depressed. My body is not allowing me to do the things I want to do. I have chronic pain. I can't exercise like I want to. People tell me to do yoga or swim but frankly I don't like to do either. I used to jog, play ultimate frisbee, do push-ups, play basketball, and hiking. Now ..I can't. It's not like I am paralyzed so I shouldn't complain but I still feel so sad about it.

It's condirmed this is a chronic lifelong issue. The only thing that will possibly help is some pain meds , steroid shots, gentle stretching, or surgery. I'm only in my 20s.

Anyone know how to grieve the loss of your body?
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Re: Grieving my body

I have no idea how you would grieve over this. My bestfriend has the same problem however it has caused her to become agoraphobic and depressed.

There's no reason why you shouldn't complain. It's had a massive affect on your life.

I hope you find a way to not let it define who you are. You are so much more than your condition.
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Re: Grieving my body

I think grief like anything else is a process.
What is it they say .."anger, denial .. then acceptance.."?

When you accept the health outcome you will be peaceful and positive again.
And do not give up hope that you and health professionals will be able to help minimise the limitations
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