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Friendship is dying out.

Hello there. I guess I need some advice.
Well I'll give you some context on this first.
Me and my best friend have been friends when we were in 3rd or 4th grade. We got split into different classes though. So we didn't talk. We became friends again in 7th grade thanks to us being friends with the same person. We are know at our last week of Freshman year at High School. And we've spent so much time together and have been through so much. But sometimes I think it's too much. We see each other every damn day. It's so hard to keep it going. Sometimes I hate seeing her because it's just to much. Recently I've just been kinda mean to her. It's hard to not be mean cause sometimes I get so fed up just seeing her. And she does so much stuff that annoys me and she's really not that bright. I don't know what to do. Because i don't want out friendship to end. But it's becoming just too much. I know spending time away from each other will help but will it help forever? Because we'll see each other every damn day again next year. How can I even manage this friendship? Please help me.
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Re: Friendship is dying out.

Hi there! Reading over your post, it sounds as if they two of you could use some time apart, and trying to set some good boundaries that allows the both of you to feel the want of spending time together. Have you tried speaking with your friend, asking for some space?

It will take some work to find a good balance, and if the friendship has a solid foundation, spending some time apart, should not have an impact on the strength of the friendship.

Even if you see her every day at school, you can still create your own space as it were. You could try to develop other friendships that could help you to balance the time you are spending with her.
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