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a painful memory

when I was about 18 years old I was at the doctors office for a routine physical. While I was in there I asked the doctor just a general question having to do with sex and afterward he asked me if I've had any recent experiences and if I was practicing safe sex. We talked for a few minutes and as soon as I mentioned that I had experience with another guy his demeanor changed slightly. At first I didn't really notice it he just me a look of what I took as disapproval. Although he didn't say anything yet I did feel diminished in some way.

He asked me if we use protection and a few other questions and then started running through a bunch of STDs. He talked me into getting tested. After completing the penis swab he left and a few minutes later a nurse came in and asked me to lower my pants and turn around. I was totally horrified when she held a loaded syringe in her hands. I thought for sure I was positive of something. So I complied and as I am getting the injection I asked her what I had contracted. As she finished she just replied nothing that we know of but in case you do have anything this penicillin should take care of it. Granted I think my feelings and pride were hurt as much as my bottom.

As I was trying to figure out what just happened, she said I could leave. I asked a few questions about what just happened. She just replied that in case there are any false negatives I should be fine anyway. I said I thought that's what I took the test for. She just said now your doubly safe. I ran out of there so fast as I was confused and humiliated by what just happened. That was many years ago, that was an experience I won't forget. Now everything has gotten much more LGBT friendly I think so I don't suppose something would happen now similar to that but this was before homosexuality was a sensitive topic. I still get nervous at doctors offices
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Re: a painful memory

I'm not surprised it still causes you difficulty. Your experience was not good and I'm sure many people would feel the same way if they'd been through all of that.

Whilst it's true that sexual health examinations and tests can be intrusive, the doctor or nurse should make you aware of what's about to happen and explain why it's necessary and then invite you [the patient] to ask questions. Fortunately, that does tend to happen now, but there are still examples of poor practice in all countries and we should speak out if it happens.

OP: Just wondering if there was any particular reason for posting about your bad experience now?
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