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Old 12th Oct 2013, 02:55 PM   #1
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Do gay men communicate like hetero women?

Women often try to get their point across by asking many types of questions: "defiant, informational and rhetorical." They like to 'beat around the bush' and are not as direct as men. They also apologize and compliment a lot more to "maintain connections" and of course they are more chatty. My question is do gay men act and communicate like women because I feel like many other gay men and I connect and build relationships better with women. Sometimes I do not understand and get offended by things straight guys say/act even though they do not intend to do that. Furthermore, could this possibly be another "gaydar" sign?
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Re: Do gay men communicate like hetero women?

When someone is gay they are at least some part of their brain that is "female" (the attraction part). Some gay men have more of a "female" brain than others. So for some gay men that might be true but for others like me it is not. I think that I'm a nice person but I don't think thats because I'm like a women. I actually think that men are usual more reasonable than girls.

However I often think that my sexual/romantic mind is female. I usual don't get the how obessed with sex some men can be (including gay men). I personally see sex as a bonus of a relationship but to me the main purpose is to have someone to hug or just to have a companion.
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Old 12th Oct 2013, 03:12 PM   #3
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Re: Do gay men communicate like hetero women?

Honestly, you brought up many points and characteristics that I hadn't thought about before. I suppose you're correct about us gay guys having better relationships with women, but then again, there are plenty of straight guys who get along very well with women and not only for sexual purposes. I am chatty, ridiculously so sometimes. I kinda hate it to be honest. In my area, straight guys aren't really as straightforward as I'd think they would be. Maybe I haven't seen enough people yet :U But yeah, I don't really say things straight to the face, since I'm thinking about how it could affect them and ultimately hurt them.

And to answer your question, this could perhaps be a "gaydar" sign, but I can't be sure.
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Re: Do gay men communicate like hetero women?

I normally guess it's because there are straight men who feel that if they are socializing with a gay man, by association they are seen as gay. Or they just think that they wouldn't have much to relate to, while straight women unfortunately, sometimes they see gay men more as "accessories", and the gay guy ends up being known as the "gay friend" instead of just a normal friend.
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