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Anti-Gay Activist Exhorts Father To Destroy Relationship With His Eleven Year-Old Gay

This is a new low

Several weeks ago, Tennessee student Marcel Neergaard made a lot of news when he, at the ripe old age of eleven, led a campaign to have an education award rescinded from vehemently anti-gay Tennessee lawmaker John Ragan. You see, Marcel experienced terrible anti-gay bullying in fifth grade, so bad that his parents pulled him out and homeschooled him for his sixth grade year. When he started the campaign, he did so because he doesn’t want what happened to him to happen to anyone else. He started a petition to ask StudentsFirst to rescind their “education reformer” award from John Ragan, and moreover asked them to support anti-bullying legislation in Tennessee. That will still be an uphill road, as we have thoroughly embarrassing lawmakers in Tennessee like the aforementioned Ragan, and the notorious homophobe Stacey Campfield, who would rather move things in the opposite direction and prohibit schools from even discussing the existence of gay students. However, StudentsFirst did everything the Neergaards asked, affirming that they “Stand With Marcel.” Marcel’s petition currently has over 56,000 signatures

Now, we must move on to the bad. Sharon Kass is one of the strangest anti-gay activists out there. As far as I can tell, she’s never actually held any official position with an anti-gay organization, so she’s not making money off of being unhinged. But*unhinged she is. That may be putting it lightly.

You see, Sharon’s entire activist*M.O. is to write long, meandering, unhinged letters to gay activists. They follow similar patterns: she links to organizations like PFOX and NARTH (the “ex-gay” propaganda is heavy with this one); states that being gay is “preventable and treatable,” stemming from a “failure to bond” with one’s same-sex parent; they mindlessly repeat catchphrases like “gayism” and “gay-egalitarianism,” words that mean nothing to anyone except the voices dictating her letters; they suggest that “civil disobedience” will be required to stop the gays from gaying up the country; sometimes she even suggests civil war!

In short, it’s like Porno Pete or Eugene Delgaudio, but constrained by the limits of a dial-up modem.

She may have outdone herself this time, though. Sharon sent a letter to the Neergaards by snail-mail (someone at her house apparently was using the phone that day), and it’s pretty sick, even to a grizzled veteran of the anti-gay culture wars like me. The letter was addressed to Mike Neergaard, a man Sharon does not know, and within, she suggests that Mike is to blame for his son’s sexuality, and that he should stop being so loving to his child, all for the sake of Sharon’s agenda. To be clear, what she is suggesting is that Mike and his wife reject their child, adding familial and spiritual bullying to the bullying he already endured from classmates in school. Remember, as you read, that Sharon Kass and her cohort believe they are on the moral and “pro-family” side of this fight. Shall we?

So it's acceptable to Attempt to destroy a relationship between a dad and his son? What a vile excuse for a human being

Anti-Gay Activist Exhorts Father To Destroy Relationship With His Eleven Year-Old Gay Son | Truth Wins Out
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