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NOM Loses (Yet Again) In California

Originally Posted by The Washington Times
A California referendum on a proposed transgender student law failed Monday when insufficient valid signatures were turned in to the state.

The California secretary of state’s office posted the final tally on its website Monday evening showing the petition drive lacked 17,276 valid signatures to put the referendum on the November ballot.

Opponents of AB 1266, sometimes called the transgender “bathroom bill,” said they weren’t finished.

Privacy for All Students and referendum proponent Gina Gleason have “people lined up” to go to county offices Tuesday morning to review the rejected signatures, Karen England, co-chairwoman of the group, said Monday night.

San Diego County, for instance, threw out about 14,000 signatures, and San Bernardino County threw out 13,000, she said. “I don’t believe all of those are unregistered voters or should have been thrown out.”

California case law is clear about “erring on the side of voter intent,” she said, and signatures should not be rejected because they lacked a ZIP code or because the margins of the ballot printouts weren’t exactly right.

“We believe there are more valid signatures there, and that we are going to be close enough to pick up that difference,” Ms. England said.

The failure of the measure to qualify means “all students in California can breathe a little easier,” said John O’Connor, executive director of Equality California, one of many gay-rights groups and their allies who support AB 1266 and formed a group called Support All Students to build momentum for it.

“It’s a sign of our progress that they fell short of their goal,” said Chad Griffin, president of Human Rights Campaign, adding that his organization will continue to stand with their partners in California to oppose “the vitriol behind this effort.”

The School Success and Opportunity Act, signed in August by Gov. Jerry Brown, updates state anti-discrimination law to permit students from kindergarten through 12th grade to decide themselves what bathrooms, shower rooms and locker rooms they would use and which sex-segregated teams and activities they would join.

The intent of the law is to permit children with gender-identity issues to fit more easily into school activities, without being overruled or micromanaged by school officials or others.

Until now, California school officials were required to work with students, parents and others to address the students’ needs and choices. Problems still occurred, though: Transgender student Ashton Lee, who called for Mr. Brown to sign the legislation, said that even though he presents himself as a boy, he was forced to attend an all-girls physical education class.

In February, the California School Boards Association released a model policy to help the state’s 1,043 school districts comply with AB 1266, and Equality California, the Transgender Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union of California, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Gender Spectrum and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center were among those that applauded the new policy.
More here: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/...lifornia-vote/

This petition was spread around in mass by the National Organization for Marriage, a known hate group, that tries to invalidate LGBT Rights victories left and right. NOM not only tries to invalidate marriage equality, they also try to make day to day life for LGBT citizens a living hell. They're most (in)famous for passing the fear based voter referendum Proposition 8, which was deemed unconstitutional this past June. They have also released a press release, saying that they will not submit any ballot measures in any state to try to take away rights of LGBT citizens, because they obviously know they're losing.

We beat them yet again in California.
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Re: NOM Loses (Yet Again) In California

I won't breathe easy until their appeal fails.
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Re: NOM Loses (Yet Again) In California

This is very, very good news considering the problem with direct democracy in California is for some reason, California elects the most liberal politicians in the country, and yet votes extremely conservative on ballot measures. Prop 8 wasn't the first bitterly divisive ballot measure that a few petition signatures got on the statewide ballot, another was Prop 187 which denied illegal aliens any services at all-including health care. If you're dying of a gunshot wound and here illegally, you're SOL. This was what got Pete Wilson re-elected in 1994, even though his support of Prop 187 handed the State of California's Latino and minority voters to the Democratic Party for decades to come, when his approval ratings were in the toilet before a Republican wave year and it looked like he was a goner.

In 2012, every single statewide ballot measure in California, everything from raising taxes on the rich, to repealing the death penalty, to banning unions and corporations from making political contributions, genetically engineered foods, to harsher penalties for human trafficking, were placed on the ballot through the citizen initiative process, where you have to get the number of signatures equal to I think 8% of the ballots cast in the previous gubernatorial election, to be placed on the ballot.

This is why California is so broke, is because the voters placed on the ballot many expansions to state services and spending projects, and then tied the state's hands behind its back in terms of paying for it through tax-revolt measures such as Prop 13 from 1978 which required a 2/3 vote for a tax increase, a 2/3 vote to pass a budget, and limited property taxes to 1% of the property's assessed value, which, by the way, can't go up more than 2% per year. This resulted in California's revenue and, really the entire economy, being based on capital gains taxes and the stock market, causing a huge economic roller coaster, meaning when the nation is in a recession, California takes it the worst, and when the economy is at its peak, California is at the top.

Then there was Prop 26 in 2010 that required a 2/3 vote to raise state and local fees, and voters repeatedly rejected tax hikes to help pay for essential services, even in the middle of a budget crisis, that would have stopped the fiscal bleeding.

The voters have used direct democracy to circumvent the Legislature on almost every major issue, and the money is the biggest factor. In 78% of the ballot measures California has voted on since the 1960's, the side with the most money won. In 2012, Prop 37, which required that genetically altered food be clearly labeled, failed. The side supporting Prop 37 raised $8.7 million, while Monsanto and other big food companies poured $45.6 million into the No campaign. The No campaign won.
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Re: NOM Loses (Yet Again) In California

In a way, I feel bad for NOM. They're religious people (mostly Mormon and a smattering of Christian church groups) and should be putting their energy into being loving and caring and nonjudgmental, as that's what their beliefs teach. But they are getting so caught up in all this hatred and judgment about LGBT people. I just feel bad for how misguided they are.

That said, it's also really annoying how they keep throwing money at issues like this when that money could go to do useful and helpful things that would really benefit society.
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