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Giving Blood

Ok i didn't write this but thought it was very interesting, idk just thought i'd see what u lot think

"Gay Blood Saves Straight Lives. Spread the Word.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 6:37pm
In the United States of America, we pride ourselves on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many times, we forget the words that follow this notorious statement. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in a way that would build to his defining statement/point. In this document, declaring the independence of a people fed up with tyranny, Jefferson states that it is not just the right course of action for a people under oppression to stand for their liberties, but it is their God given duty. When the chains of oppression are shackling a people whose hope is dying, then it no longer becomes a question of choosing to act, but rather, being called to act. While a large majority of the population no longer holds the spiritual truths our forefathers once held, I do believe we can all agree with the statement my former minister used to declare, “Many are called, but few will answer.”

We, as a people, are being called by the voices of the silently oppressed. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not mean to suggest it is our God given right to pursue whatever pleases us by way of the flesh, but rather, to have the right to be content in our lives. Happiness is not referred to as the instant gratification known to our modern society. Happiness is to be content with one’s own life; something lost on a society that is never satisfied. We have the right to be content in our lives, but not necessarily inherit the world. Moreover, Jefferson calls the people on the sacrifice needed by all citizens to maintain such liberties. In this age of MTV and 1,000 channeled television sets, Americans have forgotten the true meaning of happiness to a definition consisting of fickle momentary thrills. We are at war in our own country, with our own government, and own people in a fight against the tyranny fought through the battles of modern day desensitization. It is not just our right to live with the liberties (human rights) every human being should have and to be content in said lives, but it is also our duty to sacrifice those pursuits of momentary happiness in order to take up the sword for the nobler cause of liberty. Liberty never came without a fight, and according to the declaration of our forefathers, the self-sacrifice for the nobler cause of liberty is how one is to keep independence alive.

Some will take this call for self-sacrifice and warp it to match an agenda of tyranny masked as a noble pursuit for the defense of independence (For example, The Patriot Act), but it is our duty as the people who form this nation to call into question those actions which threaten the very essence of liberty. In the words of Ben Franklin: “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” My friends, we are in grave danger of gaining neither and losing both our noble liberty, along with, our gained security.

When a society gives up a few of it’s liberties for the sake of a little security, that society begins a down word spiral of destruction. Worse is when a society is ignorant to such grievances accruing in its own boarders. Today, such a travesty has occurred and has continued to occur since the 1980’s AIDS epidemic. In the United States of America, a blood transfusion will be needed with ever two passing seconds. That means with every two seconds that pass, someone’s life is at risk of being taken because there is not enough blood in our U.S. blood banks. In a time when there is such a shortage of life sustaining blood, one would assume the United States government would not allow discrimination to enter into the politics of saving lives. Unfortunately, prejudice remains in outdated laws which are costing hundreds of potential lives. Point blank, gay blood has the potential to save hundreds of straight
lives, but gay/bi men (and all those who have had relations with them) are BANNED from donating their blood to any blood banks. Why? The fear of HIV/AIDS.

This is an OUTRAGE! Such a ban enforces the homophobic notions of HIV/AIDS being the “Gay Disease.” Not only is such a reinforcement of hateful undertones out of line, but such mentalities are also potentially costing hundreds of people their lives. The FDA is WRONG for banning gay men and their former/current lovers from donating their blood.

The argument is a timeless one: “Gay men are more prone to contracting HIV/AIDS.” What is fascinating is the fact that such laws have been implemented to discriminate against “high risk” blood donor candidates based on sexual orientations, but no such laws have been created for “high risk” candidates based on ethnicity. I suppose the FDA is more frightened of the NAACP than they are of the HRC.

* Fact: The CDC estimates 44.1% of those affected by some form of AIDS are African-American.


# Fact: The CDC estimates 47% of individuals affected by aids have had male-male sex.

# Fact: The difference between the majority of affected ethnicities vs. affected sexual contact is a matter of 2.9%.

# Fact: Black men can still donate blood, but gay/bi men (and their lovers) cannot.

# Fact: Lesbians can still donate while gay/bi men (and their lovers) cannot.

# Fact: HIV/AIDS does not discriminate.

It is time to turn off the weapons of those who would like this country to forget. Turn off those cartoons, get off those couches, turn up the fire, and do something about this outrageous violation of civil liberties. Not only does this FDA ban enforce homophobic stereotypes/myths, it also cost people their lives. Gay blood has the potential to save hundreds of straight lives. This is not a gay issue. This is an issue affecting all humans. Affecting all those who live, breathe and rather enjoy doing both. Do not stop donating, but never stop fighting for equality. Get informed, inform others, spread the word and end this outrageous, outdated ban on gay blood donations. It is not just the right thing to do, it is a duty given to every man and woman (and those in between) who call themselves United States Citizens.

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” -Ben Franklin

Let us prove to the world that we deserve both. Please, appeal to the FDA for equality and lives sake. www.fda.gov

-Cristina Marrero"
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Re: Giving Blood

Its all kind of rambly and wordy, and to be honest not too much i have not read. It was good though and it did include all the major points for the cause.

It would be nice to have a cliff notes version though heh...

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Re: Giving Blood

It sounds a little bit like trying to push the blame on ethnicities, which doesn't really help the issue, but otherwise a good speech. ^^
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Re: Giving Blood

I thought it was merely demonstrating that denying gay men from donating blood has less to do with AIDS and more to do with discrimination; seeing as how black people can donate blood even though nearly the same percentage of black people have AIDS as gay men.

I agree that we should be able to donate blood. I still can, only because I've had no sexual contact. But I don't want to be forced to stop donating just because I become sexually active with a partner.

One thing I didn't like about the speech is how she said gay blood can save straight lives, followed by "this isn't a gay issue but a human issue". I wish she would have said "gay blood can save lives", not just straight lives.

Celebrate diversity!
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Re: Giving Blood

Donation Threads : 5
Jesus: 1
Âllo Là
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Re: Giving Blood

Hey guys,

I'm Cristina Marrero. I get Google alerts with my name. This one came up, and it made me very happy to see that something I wrote has prompted discussion.

First, let me say that I am not trying to make it so blacks can't donate blood. I am actually Puerto Rican and have black in my bloodline. I was just showing the differences in the percentages, and demonstrating that discriminating based on orientation is as ridiculous as discriminating based on race. It's all still discrimination, which is always screwed up, but it seems the FDA is more worried about the NAACP than they are of HRC.

Second. “Gay blood saves straight lives.” is a play on words. Blood does not know sexual orientation. That is the whole point. It is supposed to make you question. It’s ironic because blood does not know gender or sexual preference. Just as AIDS/HIV does not discriminate. When I originally posted this on my face book and fan page, some of my friends and I engaged in a long conversation on this matter.

And finally… better long winded than lacking I always say. Some parts are a bit wordy, but this was not written as a news article. It was actually just meant for face book as an opinion piece with facts and data to support my claim.

I have to ask though… where did you find my piece? I am curious now.
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