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Old 17th Feb 2017, 08:35 AM   #1
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Should I run away?

So this might be long but its kind of important.

So this isn''t the first time i have thought about running away, but im at a breaking point. My parents don't accept me as trans and force me to wear girl clothes and act very feminine which is extremely uncomfortable for me. When i don't,my mom hits me, calls me a f*g, tries to rip my binder off ect. This has been going for a while, and I have had a friend contact CPS but when they did a home visit I was too scared to say anything to the social worker/officer bc my mom was there.i basically lied about everything that was true. After the social worker left, my mom spazzed out on me and started hitting me and yeling at me again. sometimes when she hit me i just space out until she's done bc its just happened so much, and i figure if i dont yell or cry she will give up. so i really don't know what to do now. ive thought about just taking all the money i have and leaving, but that isnt logical. i live in FL and the other to family members who live here would send me back. the only one who wouldn't lives in indiana. i don't know what to do. but i don't think i can deal with this anymore. any advice?

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Re: Should I run away?


I am not sure how the family law act works in Orlando but from my knowledge you can contact police if there is a domestic law unit and explain your situation. Depending on your age, they should act pretty quick (13-17). If you are 18 and older, I suggest you do move out. Being physcially abused is not okay.

That being said, you need a plan. I can't give you one, I don't know you. But, maybe the Indiana route would be worth looking into.

Stay strong, we believe in you.
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Hi, my name's Alex!
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Re: Should I run away?

Hmmm that's a tough one. While you could probably get away with sleeping over at a friend's house, the friend's parents can't legally just let you live there and would be legally obligated to give you over to your parents if they came knocking. You mentioned CPS. I know if you tell a teacher, school nurse, or school counselor they are obligated to call the authorities but from there, idk what happens. Taking pictures of any bruising/injuries to hand over as evidence might help your case but idk what it would take to get you removed immediately without a home visit. My mom was in foster care for a time growing up but it was a hospital visit that prompted it. I think instead of releasing her to her parents she was released into CPS custody.
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