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Genderqueer and proud
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Pack play pleasure and peeing

Looking for suggestions and input or reviews for different packers that have 4in1 abilities. Packing play pleasure and seeing. Something for ejaculating too.
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Old 12th Jul 2015, 09:05 PM   #2
Hey man, we're artists
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Re: Pack play pleasure and peeing

For regular 3/4-in-1s, there's a few: FreeTom, Erotic Creations, Peecock, ReelMagik, and Emisil. There's probably many more, but those are ones I remember.

Emisil I know the least about, since the company is in Lithuania. Someone on tumblr is a tester for their products and said something should be on the market soon. ReelMagik is probably the most expensive of them all, going for hundreds and almost near thousands of dollars. I think they just released an STP model a few months ago, and it looks promising. Peecock is usually the most talked about, with a generation three model just coming out. This was the first 4-in-1 I heard about, and it has mixed reviews. Erotic Creations I don't know a whole lot about, but I think the company is somewhere in the UK. Next to Emisil, this is the one I've seen the least amount of reviews on. Freetom is a fairly new player in the game, having only been around for maybe a year or more.

I've only had personal experience with Freetom (a bit over a week now), and I'm pretty happy with it.

I have the Sleek model (5") that I got on clearance for just under $25 (+shipping it was $29.98); and they're typically $149 retail. As an STP, it functions flawlessly and is almost fool-proof. If you've had bad experiences with STPs not working with your anatomy, this might be something of interest for you. Packing is something else, going up a bit more than an inch from what I've been using for over a year now. I'm paranoid that it looks like I have a boner all the time, but I get reassured that I don't, which helps a bit. The pleasure feature is alright for me, but I'm sure it will improve if I'm on T longer. I've only tried the play feature with my partner once, and he said it was great, but we don't plan on using it again to avoid causing wear or damage to it.

So if you want the tl;dr version, I love it and I'd suggest them to anyone who needs a 4-in-1, but I recommend that you check the clearance bin first and keep an eye there for a while before considering diving in for something full price unless you don't care about spending a lot of money. I can't say for sure then they'll update, but keep an eye out for it.

As for ones that ejaculate, you're likely only going to find something that's a play model only; and I think Tranzwear is one of only places that have something like that. If I find that link, I'll share it for you.

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