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Old 20th Mar 2017, 01:15 AM   #1
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Gender: Genderfluid
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Chest binding?

Ive been looking for ways to bind without using an actual binder, for I have no money for it and my parents wont buy me one. I know that ace bandages are dangerous so it's not what I am looking for. Ive been binding with three sports bras and while it makes my chest look smaller, the only way to make it look like a male chest is to wear also baggy clothes, but thats not exactly me... Help?
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Old 20th Mar 2017, 03:30 AM   #2
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Gender: ftm
Orientation: bi
Out Status: i try to be stealth
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Re: Chest binding?

not much you can do I'm afraid except save for an actual binder or find someone to donate one to you. DO NOT use duct tape or bandages, duct tape will tear your skin and bandages will give you serious back problems and can even break your ribs. There are quite a lot of binder giveaway programmes online you could look into. Also about clothes, wearing bulky or stiff material jackets works really well to hide your chest. Particularly ones with breast pockets.
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Old 20th Mar 2017, 08:58 AM   #3
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Gender: Genderqueer (Fluid agender-male, transmasculine)
Orientation: Aromantic Bisexual
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Re: Chest binding?

If you can't afford one, there are online donation methods; don't use home binding techniques as they can actually cause damage to your ribs. Dysphoria sucks but ending up in the hospital sucks more.
I got my first binder through a binder giveaway on a blog I was following. If you google "binder donation" or "binder giveaway" you can find applications for binders people don't need or that binder companies are giving to FTM's in need.
https://www.transactiveonline.org/inabind/get.php is a good one, so is Chest Binder Donations: Free Chest Binders for Trans People in Need but these groups get a lot of requests. There are a few more; I used to have a private calendar on my computer that had the opening dates for all the reoccurring applications. You might have to apply a couple times due to demand, but don't give in.
For shirts, try to wear shirts with stiffer material; if you wear things that are clingy it'll be hard to hide your bumps.
If you're saving up for a binder, Underworks is probably the least expensive and they bind reasonably well, but at least for me it's very uncomfortable and limits how much I can bind because of chest pain and chaffing in under my arms and on my shoulders.
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Old 20th Mar 2017, 01:26 PM   #4
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Gender: Male (trans*)
Orientation: Queer
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Re: Chest binding?

You can take a small camisole and roll it up to bind, if you have a smaller chest. Alternatively, a neoprene back wrap works as well and that is what I used as my first binder. Though fair warning: it gets sweaty as heck.

Whatever you use until you can get an actual binder, focus on breathabililty and listen to your body. If you are in pain or cannot breathe, ease off.

Now, like jaska said, there are ways of discreetly getting a binder via giveaways or through the post. While I was not out, I was able to order a gc2b binder online when I got my own bank account. It came in a regular paper package and I was able to sneak it in the house. Binder can be very annoying to wear and most guys get a few different brands to find the one that fits for them. But I understand, it is expensive, so do what you can until you can get one.

Some days when I am not dealing well with my chest and I absolutely effing hate the way bras feel, I will go bare chested and throw on a big fluffy hoodie. My chest is thankfully not that big, so I can get away with it no problem. Doing that is extremely comfortable and gives a good breather in between binding.
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Old 20th Mar 2017, 02:19 PM   #5
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Gender: Me.
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Re: Chest binding?

Originally Posted by Kodo View Post
Some days when I am not dealing well with my chest and I absolutely effing hate the way bras feel, I will go bare chested and throw on a big fluffy hoodie. My chest is thankfully not that big, so I can get away with it no problem. Doing that is extremely comfortable and gives a good breather in between binding.
I second this.

That is a great way to get a break from binding. I've been doing that myself of late, and it is a great relief. Especially if your hoodie is extra comfy. And it helps hide your chest a bit depending on your size.
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Old 20th Mar 2017, 04:50 PM   #6
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Gender: Questioning
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Re: Chest binding?

Compression tanks or sports bras can be really effective, also layering shirts, the camisole trick mentioned above and I think I saw a method once where a guy turned leggings into a binder. But please, don't turn to ace bandages, they are so damaging and not designed to safely bind.
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Gender: Male (trans*)
Orientation: \_(ツ)_/
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Location: Massachusetts
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Re: Chest binding?

I know some people who use KT tape to bind and it works really well for them, but that might only be for people with smaller chests. I've also heard of people wearing one sports bra normally and then putting on another one over that but putting it on backwards.
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Old 21st Mar 2017, 12:27 PM   #8
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Re: Chest binding?

Tape isn't safe, so I wouldn't recommend that either. Depending on how large your chest is, you could get away with coordinating your outfit a certain way with different patterns or bulk to camouflage it. I have days where I can go out with one of my zip up hoodies, and my chest looks flat without binding.

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