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General Support and Advice If you would like support and advice on something that doesn't fit into any of the other Support Area forums then you can post it here.

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Not Really LGBT-Related, Just Need Some Life Advice

The title pretty much sums everything up:

Basically, this: I'm 22. My parents won't let me pay rent, because they want to "help me out." Which I appreciate. I'm not the greatest with money. My parents are forcing me to take a financial course, and are forcing me to sit down with them and supply all my financial information and records with them, because "they deserve to know what's going on and where my money's going" since I live under their roof. My mom has the best of intentions, but she goes after things with incredible intensity, and it becomes one beating a dead horse, and it's a huge turnoff. I'm trying to teach myself how to budget, but she wants to be the one to handle it. Should I have to give them all of my information? I get where they're coming from (sort of), but it just doesnt sit the best with me, as I want to become more and more independent. They're holding the housing/food thing over my head. I do sometimes contribute to groceries. They only contributed like $400 to my tuition of several thousand dollars for the last two years. And I can't help it if they won't let me pay rent.
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Re: Not Really LGBT-Related, Just Need Some Life Advice

You are an adult and if they won't let you pay rent then they can't reasonably hold the house/ food over your head. I moved out at 21 and it was really hard financially but totally worth it for me anyways. If you can afford to move I'd consider it. No better way to learn financial responsibility than being independent. BTW I fully understand with you being in school that this is probably not an option.
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