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(TW)Tattooing over a BAD self harm scar

(Trigger Warning: Scars)
I hurt myself in 5th/6th grade when i was REALLY hormonal and depressed and I have this ugly-ass scar on my wrist to prove it. It isn't dark or anything, it just sticks out of my skin. I carved "GAY" into myself and want to get it tattooed over when I'm older. Has anyone tattooed over a raised scar here? I hate it. If you or anyone you know is self harming, get them help. The way I stopped was throwing everything out/ getting it out of my room.
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Re: (TW)Tattooing over a BAD self harm scar

I'm glad you're no longer hurting yourself. I have several tattoos but none of them incorporate scars.

I can only suggest when you're older and planning on getting it done you approach several tattooists to get their opinions and to find someone you're happy with.
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Re: (TW)Tattooing over a BAD self harm scar

From what I've read, tattooing over scars is different because the scarred skin reacts differently to pigment, depending on the scar. I'd check out tattooists who have some experience with this. But I'm pretty sure it can be done, I've seen people with huge burn scars tattooed over.
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Re: (TW)Tattooing over a BAD self harm scar


Check out this, all examples of people who have had scars covered over. Talk to multiple artists until you find one that a)is confident in their abilities, b)you have seen and like their work and c) you vibe with them. Vibing with an artist is very important from what I have seen. Find someone who you feel comfortable with and you think they are there to provide you with a piece of art, they aren't just trying to earn a quick buck
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