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LGBT YouTube channel?

I've been wanting to start a YouTube channel for discussion/resources pertaining to LGBT+ people. However, I'm a little scared because I live in a fairly conservative area and I've been assaulted at school because some people assumed I was gay. I don't think it would put me in too much danger (I live in the U.S. so thankfully no legal danger) but I'm still worried. Is it likely that people in my school/city would come across these videos and identify/target me? It's a conservative Christian school so I doubt they'd be looking that stuff up and I HIGHLY doubt I'll have more than a hundred views on any given video, but there's still a chance isn't there? I feel like I'm being too paranoid. I just want to make the videos that would have been helpful to me when I was trying to figure out myself for other people; I'll feel like a coward if I don't and terrified if I do. Help?
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Re: LGBT YouTube channel?

Why not making videos whitout showing you face/youself and mayby a plain background?
That way nobody can identity you or you room/place.
There are other youtube channels who stay anonymous for various reason.

Or you can join a collab lgbt channel, just ask if they need or want new members.

I wonder why you feel like a coward if you don't do it?
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Re: LGBT YouTube channel?

What if you did the videos podcast style with some kind of simple background?

That way you'd be able to do the show and keep your identity a secret. College Info Geek (look them up on youtube) does shows this way and they are still able to give out plenty of advice and help.
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