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Old 5th Aug 2013, 01:31 AM   #1
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prolapse???? help!

I read somewhere that if you use a dildo too much, you get a prolapse! Is that true?how do prolase'happen? Is ot just a matter of not masturbating with a dildo too much? How is it prevetable??

I also read about guys boasting about having 1 inch 'lips' like as in a swollen anus.. i dont understand what there isto boast about but i undsrstand people have preferences! But again, iis this caused with toomuch dildo play or what? Im realy young and a virgin and socially awkward so i mastjrbate alot, but i dont want to end up with a prolapse or being swollen down there!!
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Old 5th Aug 2013, 01:48 AM   #2
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Re: prolapse???? help!

No, none of that is true - at least not if you're doing anything reasonable.

Think of it this way: the average penis (and the average dildo, if you get a realistic normal one) is about the same thickness and length and size as a turd. Most people go for a poo daily; our butts are literally perfectly suited to dealing with things that are exactly this size on a daily basis. As long as you use lube and you aren't too rough then you won't have any issues.

Things like fisting, or using massive comically-sized toys, or not using lube can cause issues. But a penis or regular sized dildo won't.

(If you have pre-existing problems down there, like haemorrhoids or a fissure, then these can irritate them further - but they generally won't cause the problems.)
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Old 5th Aug 2013, 05:49 AM   #3
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Re: prolapse???? help!

One of the unfortunately things about the internet is that it is very difficult to distinguish between fact vs fiction and between mainstream vs fetish.

Rectal prolapse is something that is not seen very often in otherwise healthy adults. It's far more common in elderly women who have had multiple pregnancies. A prolapse would only occur from dildo use if there was damage to the muscles in the area and the dildo were extremely beyond the normal size for a penis. This is one of the reasons that we recommend that toys should remain in the reasonable size range- and as close to the real thing as possible. Prolapse is not something the average toy user should have to be concerned about.

Just like guys who are obsessed with massively oversized breasts in women or oversized nipples in men, there are a group of fetishists who are obsessed with anatomical extremity of the anus. Just like any other fetish, it's not something that should be confused with the mainstream of what the average person wants or is interested in.
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