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  User Name / Location
Chip is offline Chip
northern CA
Gravity is offline Gravity
Martin is offline Martin
Merseyside, UK
Mirko is offline Mirko
The True North

  User Name / Location
Aspen is offline Aspen
PatrickUK is offline PatrickUK
England (Lincolnshire)
resu is offline resu
Oklahoma City

Chat Room Moderators
  User Name / Location
Batman is offline Batman

Community Facilitators
  User Name / Location
BradTheCat is offline BradTheCat
Northeast Ohio
Spartan 117 is offline Spartan 117
Isle of Wight, UK
TJ is offline TJ
Lawrence, KS

Forum Moderators
  User Name / Location
Chiroptera is offline Chiroptera
Phoenix90 is offline Phoenix90
Silver Sparrow is offline Silver Sparrow
Northeast US

In Loving Memory
  User Name / Location
Andreus is offline Andreus
Cynic is offline Cynic
JayHew is offline JayHew
Glennallen, Alaska

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